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Let us offer you a home loan with best obtainable opportunities

Loan Eligibility calculation with 80% to 100% EMI paying capacity against the Income.
100% funding against the agreement value.
Provides loans till 80 years of the age.
Provides Loan on Average Bank balance.
Loan against the Pension income.


We assist our client with the best options of lowest Rate of interest and highest loan amount against the property valuation?

We suggest the client to avail the best ROI charging pattern like RLLR MCLR BPLR, PBLR, and EBLR.

We educate the client instead of convincing them about the loan and also brief them with the market offers without any fear to lose for our sales.   

Loan Against Property

Loan against property or LAP is a secured loan type that allows you to pledge your property in exchange for a loan. Let’s get to know what is LAP and what its benefits are.

Loan against Property is a secured loan product that can be useful for both salaried individuals as well as businesses. The loan gets sanctioned once you mortgage your residential or commercial property. The bank approves the credit amount, which is equivalent to the current value of the property. As a loan buyer, you can mortgage a property that is self-occupied, rented or any piece of land owned by you.

Purpose of LAP:

• To fund medical emergency
• To fund the wedding event of your child
• To fund the much-awaited vacation
• To expand your business
• To fund your child’s education

Benefit & Features

Sanction & Disbursement

We provide the sanction within 2 working days followed by the disbursement in next 7 working days

Attractive Rate

Starts from 7.20% to till 8.50%. We suggest the client to avail the best ROI charging pattern like RLLR MCLR BPLR, PBLR, and EBLR.

Maximum Eligibility

We stretch the FOIR from 65% to till 80% or 100% to make the clients eligible for the maximum loan amount against their provided collateral.

Funding for furniture & fixtures

110% funding against the resale/OC received property.

100% OD facility against the property value.

Multiple Bank Options

Provides the comprehensive solution on loans with all available banks and NBFC with their best rate of interest and wide range of funding capacity.

Loan on pension Income

Provides the loan on pension income with maximum tenure that is up to 80 years for any government employee retired personal.


Apply at Drags Finserv
Get a call back from our dedicated RM.
Avail the best offers with lowest ROI.
Submit the required documents.
Get your file Logged in with relevant bank/ NBFC.
Start the process of verifications of Work place and Residence.
Get your file Logged in with relevant bank/ NBFC.
Benefit yourself with the desired loan Amount
Take the Disbursement by submitting the original property documents.

Check Your Loan Eligibility

Home loan eligibility is defined as a set of criteria basis which a financial institution assesses the creditworthiness of a customer to avail and repay a particular loan amount. Home loan eligibility depends on criteria such as age, financial position, credit history, credit score, other financial obligations etc.


Fee & Charges

Drags Finserv charge nothing as a processing fees, but the bank processing fees is completely based on the banks and NBFCs that what the charge and what they waive -off.

some of the bank take legal technical and valuation charges, but some of the bank don’t take anything as LTS charges and manage their. It completely depends on where your file is being processed.

The standard Govt. charges for home loan and LAP is 0.3% as MODT and 0.5% as NOI or Max. 15000+Agent Fees, whichever is lower. 0.3% and 0.5% is being charged on their total loan amount is availed.

For home loan normally bank doesn’t charge anything as foreclose charges at the time of pre-closer of the loan. But in LAP pre-closer charges are there, which is based on respective bank and NBFC.

There is no penalty on any part payment of the home loan and LAP. But still it depends on the rules and regulations of the bank whether they charge it or not.

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